Thinness. Fullness.

Posted Sep 2020

What we have here is......testing stuff out to warm up before this weekend's Party. The pandemic has really impacted Parties around here, so I felt glad that I was able to jump right into it when I wanted to be sure I would be ready.

For this upcoming Event, the Client ordered Black/White Caricatures ~ with just a pop of Color if needed. To increase Production. So I drew Just the Lines for this practice Caricature. In the 2nd picture, I added a little Shading with gray marker. I like the immediacy of the first one better. This time, I'm preferring Outline Only to Outline with Shading. Good to know. I'll probably want to keep it simple at the gig.

Then, just for my own study (there's always Something that intrigues me), I added Color. Simple. Basically just using Home Color in the Shadow areas. That's something I do sometimes to save time. It works, it gives the answers.

But lately (probably because of the digital Caricatures I've been doing), I've been interested in filling in the whole area with the Home Color, and then going back in with a darker Color. Takes more time. But I feel like the 4th picture looks better than the 3rd one. More Solid coloring.

But oh ~ what I was really testing was this ream of paper. There was a mark on the backs of all those papers in the ream. 250 papers. Figuring that it's just on the Back of the paper, I Wited it out. I wanted to see if I would still be able to use these papers at an event. Yick. It wasn't disturbing to color over that area, but I can see a horizontal rectangle formed by the relief impression of the Wite-Out area. Not very noticeable. I would feel really surprised if anyone noticed it without me mentioning it. But I know it's there. Feels wrong to have this at a gig. Oh. Dagnabbit. Well...... now I have a lot of very good Practice paper.

The last picture ~ finished up with a litl background Color. Yes ~ even better.

What I learned from tonight's expedition is that the most beauty is in the Simplest or in the Most Evolved. The ones in the middle are 'not really doing it'. Not really doing either thing.

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