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Posted Feb 2014

Some people have the best ideas. When I told my friend Jake that I make Butticatures, he suggested that I should also make CAR-icatures. Car Caricatures. Of cars.

Hey! I've already done that! I've drawn Caricatures of practically every thing at some point or other. Then, when a Valentine's Day client was describing her boyfriend's Strong interest in his car, well... This IS a good idea. I suggested a CARicature including 'his muscle car' (her words, not mine).

As she requested, now I've put together some Samples of CARicatures that I pulled from elsewhere in my blog. Makes me wonder about my previous clients. Like, whatever happened to the man who was 'driving to new adventures' in his Retirement Caricature. And whatever happened with the Coloring Book that I created for that other client. And and.... so many people in that we meet. So many interesting people.

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You can click on some pictures in this blog to see them larger.
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