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What People Want

Posted Aug 2020

today i felt curious to fuss around with the extra Coloring that I posted back on June 3, 2020. Onto a Caricature that I actually drew At a Party.

Since I didn't have the Original, I scanned the photo of it into Gimp and made it all Gray. Then I changed the levels so I could print it out as uncolored Lines on white paper.

I spent more time playing around with the Colors than I intended. Not going to be useful at a Party.

So I printed out the linework again, and Colored it more simply, but it still took longer than what I actually did at the Party.

My Party Experience indicates that people are just as happy with the first one that I actually colored At the Party ~ where they are more interested in getting it handed to them as Quickly as possible, getting a good laugh, and walking off to show it to their friends.

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