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Joan Jett

Posted Apr 2020

I drew this Caricaturesfrom photos i found on the internet. Joan Jett. Fresco Digital Caricature

So. I'm torn between the Fresco app and the Procreate app. To be honest, what I really want to do on my Time off is Fresco app. It's like real painting, but cleaner. I feel like im in to it. Not a job. The way i really Paint just because i love to get in to it. I love to feel the expression develop as I paint. In Fresco. Just like in real Oil Painting. But without the mess.

But Procreate. That app came out years before Fresco. At first I kept trying to use it like real painting (what I can do in the Fresco app now), but I ended up developing a new type of Artwork instead. It wouldn't paint like Oil Paints. But going forward ~ discovering the special things that could only be done in Procreate. Could only be done with Current Art Supplies. I felt amazed with it. But I do have to say that it feels Commercial. Like the Product is what's important, not the Artist's experience.

So I did work very hard with the Procreate, and it can do some really neat stuff. That Fresco cannot do. It is much more suitable in a Party Setting ~ where I'm supposed to automatically drop in the dazzling answers. And I feel like I should stay connected with Procreate ~ since that's most of my business. At least, it Was most of my business until this Coronavirus thing hit. Anyway, I feel like I should stay connected with it and keep developing it more and more. I'm a grown-up. My job is more important than play.

But Fresco is more than play to me. It is more like meditation or heart or life. It's the sort of painting that I must do. That I would be doing in Some kind of media even if I never had another Job. And I prefer the Digital Fresco Painting to traditional media. Great. Versatile. More than Oil Painting (which is what I usually use it for), but it's more than that. I can mix Oil Painting with Watercolors and Pastels and Pencils and back and forth and more. Using any type of media I envision. I love Fresco

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