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I don't Have To be Great all the time

Posted Dec 2019

Getting ready for tomorrow'sEvent (that would be Today already). I figured I would draw a Plain Direct #Caricature because I will be working with other Artists who kinda 'fill in the blanks'. I used a photo from my website as reference ~ a woman I had previously drawn At a Party.

No predraw. No fuss. No thinking. No jumping in to the interaction. Takin it easy.

But there's always something that catches me. This time, I figured I would pay more attention to Values when I was Coloring it. I wanted everything Colored so the Whites would stand out as White. Here's what I learned from my experience:

  1. You don't have to work so hard at an Event. They want it Quick, and my regular Color Application would have been fine. Would have been much Quicker. Even though it wouldn't have empahsized the Whiteness of the Whites.
  2. Egads ~ I went for something unusual with the 'Eyes'. I wanted to show the Darkness that I see in the reference photo. Not a good idea. It looked awful. But the show must go on. So what did I do? What did I have here? Oh, just a Wite-Out Roller. That worked.
  3. Never Never ever Color the Teeth with the skin-color. Even though I used a lighter touch with it on the teeth. No.
  4. And the rest was all fine. I didn't have to Size it specifically for Her attributes. I could just fit in whatever fits in. Probably nobody can tell if I am IN the experience or if I am jus dwawing a pichur. So I can change my intensity based on whatever I feel like doing. For myself.
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