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Gold Letters

Posted May 2020

Tonight I got to studying the way other Artists draw Gold ~ the way they do in the ads for Casino Apps. I started by looking at some examples on the Internet. As usual, the experience wasn't what I expected it to be. Here you can see my Study. And if you click the 2nd Link below it, you can see the Video of how it progressed:


I decided to start by studying the way they colored their Lettering. I chose the one that looked the Goldest. I started copying it (I only wanted to use the Fresco app ~ even though, of course, the other Artists used much smoother supplies. I just only want to use Fresco.)

Aghk. Who would think that I would have trouble drawing the Letter G in the block form that I was seeing. I wanted to copy exactly at the start. To see just what the other Artist did.

That was fun. I got hold of myself, and finally approached it more as Shapes than as the lettering that I Always do.

Then I copied the Colors. I learned the sort of details and extra shapes that the other Artist put in to the basically shaded planes. I learned that even the Lightest Colored Plane had some very dark areas because of the Goldness. And I already knew impose Dark around the Lightshine areas. The Letter G was handled awkwardly. While I was studying. Then I had to look at it, and Make it happen. Turn this thing into a Professional Gold Letter.

Then I did the letter O. Much more quickly. I already knew what this Artist did from having studied the first letter. I was on my own more. Just applying what I learned.

I couldn't tell if it was looking as Gold as I wanted. Because I was too close to the break-down. Not sure, so I decided to study a Different style of Gold Lettering for the 3rd letter. The L. I wasn't expecting this style to look Golder, but I feel like it did. Go figure.

If I remember this stuff, I will probably maybe have more pizzazz in what i see when I'm looking at something that's really gold. More pizzazz in making it up in the more likely event that I would be expected to impose Goldness into an imaginary picture.

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