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Posted Apr 2020

Much fun. I drew this based on a photo of Slash (from the band Guns and Roses) I found online. Even though I've been so enamoured with the Digital Caricatures lately, I worked directly on paper this time. Getting back to basics.

I call this my Portrait-Style Caricature. Still Exaggerated, but it's based on face with features, instead of just Shapes and Feeling. Which is what I would have done if I was doing what I call an Exaggerated Caricature. All good, but I have to know which Style I'm doing ~ it's much more comfortable if I know whether I'm going for 'My' Portrait Style Caricature Or My Exaggerated Caricature Or a Regular Straight Portrait.

Like a person who knows how to cook can put Carrots into a Cake. But she has to know whether she's aiming to make Cake Or Salad when she's working. So please do be clear when you contact me at optidust@gmail.com to order your Commissioned Artwork. Artwork can't be confined, artwork can't exist before it is Created, but I do want know what direction you prefer.

I'm available for Commissions. I can draw Caricatures on Paper from your photos, and then mail them to you through the Post Office. OR if you prefer, I can draw them on the IPad and then just email them to you. Prices are currently Slashed low because I want to make things a little easier, a little nicer for my precious Clients during this Corona Virus situation.

Event Entertainment for PARTY PLANNING Ideas in New York, Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County.....

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