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Posted May 2020

I did it! After yesterday's post, I went back into the Gold Painting tonight. To really make it Glow. I feel successfully accomplished. I applied my studies about making the Gold glow, and it worked. New Digital tools for traditional Art Skills. I painted it with the Fresco app.

and while I was at it, I also fixed the Likeness. I was only focused on the Gold last night, but i figured that Likeness is important too. Afterall, I am a Caricature Artist.

Following is what I had written yesterday. I'm really looking forwarding to seeing this Post because I'm planning on posting yesterday's unfinished Painting right next to tonight's finished one.

Yeow. Could this b too hard for me? Frustrated when I started this Painting.

I felt icked out by all the Gold. And her deadpan expressions (Aeesha from Guardians of the Galaxy). But worst of all, Not my favorite type of Lighting. She's practically always Backlit. Who wants to paint That??

and, not having been set-up to make things easy for an Artist, she also has 2ndary lighting. From The Top!! Don't we always use Rembrandt Lighting?

But i did it anyway. Just started getting good, I feel like I can paint anything. I just started to be able to impose my previous Gold Studies on it, when i said "Why am i staying up all night doing this?"

Maybe I'll work on it again someday.

I even made the Lit Up throne behind Aeesha. To account for the aghk back-lighting. Wow ~ I am feeling so accomplished. This feels so satisfying

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