Mothers Day Artist

Posted May 2020

Aghk!! So many pictures I want to draw, but I can only do One at a time.

  1. Having been interested in drawing Gold lately, having been studying that, imagine my surprise to see my friend watching Guardians of the Galaxy. I had never yet watched that, so seeing Gold Aeesha sitting on Gold throne felt like something I must draw. At my first opportunity.
  2. But today is Mothers Day. I had planned on phoning my family to arrange for a remote Celebration. I want to ask them to remember any scene from a place where we got lost over 5 years ago. We walked around for over an hour. Lost. And it was the Only time we were ever in that place. Ever. I felt like it would be interesting to see if we chose the Same scene from the walk. Or it would be interesting to see if we can remember the other person's scene.
  3. But oh, while I ate my breakfast outside, as is my habit, I was looking at our little plum tree. I felt inspired to draw just what i see as im seeing it. with No plans for a finished picture. At that time, i was seeing only the point where the first branches start at the trunk. Yes ~ I would really like to do that. I'm into Meditation and mind focus very much. But it's the Opposite of the Memory Drawing that i planned for today (see #2). ~ which would be the personal connection that i want so much.

Oh what to draw? What to do?? There are so many other things calling to me besides drawing. Figure out how to use the big Mothers Day Gift i just got. Bake the brownies i prepared to bake for Mothers Day. ETC. Oh, what to do?

Aaaah. Just one at a time. I am Now typing to you. Next ~ read Bible

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