If the Artwork doesn't please the Artist

Posted Feb 2021

Just messing around here while watching YouTubes. Drawing Caricatures as usual. Both of them drawn withOut a predraw, but one of them didn't come out looking Professional at all.

Hmmmm. What could I do if something like this ever happened at a Gig? I tried going back into it ~ to turn it into a Picture. I only used Marker and a Little Spot of Color ~ like in the Good Caricature that I drew today. Ummmm.... Nope. So I just added Lines ~ that made it look Scary.

I gave up on that Picture. I gave up on that piece of Paper. And I Quickly drew the last Caricature that I'm posting here today. I allowed myself a Little Bit of a Predraw. Aaaah. That's good. I like that Picture. I like that Experience

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