How The Artist Stays in Shape

Posted Nov 2020

I drew hands tonight. I planned on drawing the same hand pose as several different types of hands. Aghk. I started off surprisedly disappointed. Like egads I know I've been drawing Hands on Caricatures at Parties and Events for many years already. Why was I feeling so stiff now?

Then I realized that I was trying to draw Hands out of context. If I draw them at a Party or Event, I know what I want them to be doing. Can't just 'dwaw a hAend it has fingas andt tumb'.

So I found One random reference photo online ~ of a group of people posing together for a photo, and inadvertently just Having hands with them. Getting tired, but whew, I started drawing more gracefully. Getting in to my lines.

Having broken through my 'wall', I could have handled my initial intention at this point yay. But egads it's almost 4am.

That's it. That's what I did tonight.

and I feel ready to Enjoy drawing at my next Event.

~ Post continuing the following morning: Aaah ~ I woke up this morning able to Envision Hands again. That's what it's about. A Professional Artist has to be able to Envision it ahead of time in her mind.

Even though I was running out to the day's activities, I grabbed a stiff old Bic Marker that was nearby ~ to Quickly use my ability. I quickly drew a few hands on a scrap paper ~ no predraw.

They probably don't look much different than the stuff I posted last night ~ maybe not even as good because of the situaiton, but it Felt completely better for me. It would be much more Entertaining at Your Party. And using the Quality Supplies that I bring to an Event, I'm sure they would be smoother. But the End Result is the product of the Artist's Internal Experience.

I feel glad to say that This Artist feels comfortable again. Gotta stay in shape

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