Doing My Part

Posted Mar 2020

Doing my part to help people during this Corona Virus pandemic. I can draw Caricatures of People and Things that can really Uplift your Spirits. Make you Laugh. Feel Special. Take our minds off the overwhelming Corona Virus situation.

Special offer for Orders of Caricatures that are handled only through email. Until further notice, please accept my offer of a whopping 50% off the usual price for Caricatures or Illustrations that are handled only through email.

Everything can be handled Online. You can send your reference photos to to order your Caricatures Or Illustrations ~ which would then be created and sent to you through email. Only sent through email regardless of whether you order Digital Artwork which is created on the IPad
Or whether ordering Traditional Artwork which is created with Markers or Colorsticks or Pencils or Paint.

Here are some Samples ~ some which were drawn specifically to help people who need a pick-me-up concerning the Corona Virus and the extra demands on us during this time. But of course, you can also order regualr Birthday Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Holiday Gifts, Graduation Gifts, and Story Illustrations that have nothing to do with the Corona Virus. Just living your Life now. This IS the time of your life.

I call this one ~ Confused:

I call this one ~ You are the Sunshine of my Life:

I call this one ~ My Dentist:

I call this one ~ Self Isolation:

I call this one ~ Tripping:

I call this one ~ He is my Everything:

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You can click on some pictures in this blog to see them larger.
To Hire Caricature Artist Alison Gelbman:
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