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Cartoon of Set Up

Posted Mar 2021

People aren't so panicky about the pandemic now. More Caricature Parties are being booked. So I drew a new cartoon to describe my Favorite Set Up.

I can draw with just what I bring, in whatever space is available. And I can't tell ahead of time whether I would feel like Sitting or Standing. If I'm feeling tired or if I've been on my feet all day, I can Enjoy, and therefor Focus to create better Artwork if I can Sit. But if I had a long drive to the event or if I didn't go jogging when I usually would, I feel constrained if I have to Sit while drawing.

There are benefits to both ~ Sitting or Standing. For example, It's better to Sit while drawing Children because it helps them understand that they are supposed to stay there. And Sitting also helps the Artist to be closer to eye-level with the Children, so she's not confusing her Quick image by looking down at the tops of their heads. But Standing helps the Artist's Energy ~ She can dance around and position the Guests clearly. What the Artist Needs to create her best work is to be in touch with her own inner energies.

I bring my Standing Easel, but if the venue can also provide us with 5 Chairs, that's Super. It gives me the flexibility to switch as needed

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