Posted May 2018

Lol ~ Tonight I agonized over a Wink I had drawn at one of last weekend's Events. I had communicated what I wanted in the Caricature, everyone enjoyed it, but I felt like I should be able to draw a Better Wink.

So I pulled the picture into my IPad, felt my own Winks in the Mirror, looked at Winking People Online, and decided that the eye moves Down while the Lip moves Up. It felt awkward to change this stuff on the already-drawn face, but I did whatever I could to remember what happens when a person Winks.

I noticed that the eye moves Down while the lips move Up ~ causing the cheek to 'flex'. Also affected the nose and the area above the lip and even the resting side of the face.

Then ~ just a random experience ~ I came across this Winking Man that I had drawn at a Party several Years Ago. That time, it had worked fine. I didn't feel like I had to go figure out how I could do it better.

It's funny to see that I had just lifted the Winking Eye Up that time. Apparently I had noticed the way the cheek lifted up when the man Winked at the Party, and that was enough to communicate the expression. I liked that. The Short Story.

So now I see from my Studying that Winking can be represented by Either moving the Eye Down OR Up. Either way is fine for CARICATURE ~ a picture that communicates without needing tedious reality. I could choose which way to handle it based on what's happening in the individual picture. But I do want to either lift it Up Or squash it Down. Just 'closing' the winking eye didn't feel like enough to me

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