Whatever Makes You Happy

Posted Oct 2018

This Client requested that I include a little Cartoony Jungle Animal on each of the Children's Caricatures. She wanted them drawn At the Party. In addition to the Caricature. In Color. And..... Animal? Which ended up causing many of the Compositions to require Bodies also.....

It involved all sorts of extra things to do on each picture. The Guests still want to get their Caricatures quickly. So I just kept draaaaaawing.

I could see why a person might want something like that. It's cute, and it could be fun for a child to relate to something like that. But me ~ It's usually my experience that the Simpler the Picture, with a Statement, drawn with as few lines as needed..... aka the Short Story..... that's what gets the quickest Party Fun Surprises. It felt chancy to switch gears and swing into it when Adult came for their Caricatures. Like an exercise to Alternate Control with Freedom.

Not easy to do. I felt so grateful that it all worked out so well. I drew Almost as many Caricatures as I usually do

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