Whatever Happened To?

Posted Jul 2018

I connect with so many people ~ just for a few minutes in our lives. I had occasion to look over my Website recently. Many of the Parties that I go to remind me of what it was like to be 'their' age.

Like this one ~ of photos that I posted here a few years ago. They were having so much Fun. As kids. Kids' Fun.

Makes me wonder ~ Whatever happened to each one of them? They would be older now. How did it all turn out?

I wish you All the Best:

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You can click on some pictures in this blog to see them larger.
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Joey Barnes Aug 2018

Great caricatures! What does the 4th one on the right side say (The words on his teeth) "John is my friend"?

Alison Gelbman Aug 2018

Yup ~ It says "John is my Friend" ~ John was the name of the Birthday Boy who was throwing the Party.

These are just scanned photos. It would have been much clearer on the large Original Caricature which the Guest gets to keep. 11 x 17 Heavy Cardstock.

Thank You Joey. You're always welcome to come here to see the people that I see.