What is Art For ?

Posted Sep 2011

Art is for Fun. Party Whoop-de-doo Fun.

Caricatures are not like looking into a mirror. Not like tracing a photograph and modeling the forms based on highlight/shadow the way we do for a Portrait. Not the same pretty face for everyone with different hair. A Real Caricature Artist will be making a statement on what she sees. And it has to be quick. First impression, no editing. Because we draw one person after the next. "How many faces can you draw per hour?" is frequently asked by my clients. (BTW, I recommend estimating ten faces per hour.)

A Real Caricature is an Exaggeration. Here are some Samples from a 12-year-old girl's Party:

So get drawn. Have fun. Laugh. See yourself as a Cartoon.

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You can click on some pictures in this blog to see them larger.
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