What is Art ?

Posted Jan 2020

Sometimes it's just easier for me to draw basic Caricatures. Not especially exciting, but people are thrilled with them anyway. It's what they expect.

Doesn't create an exciting stir, well, actually it does, but i don't understand why. I don't understand that excitement about them since it's easy for me. I guess people are just impressed to see that some people can really see and draw. They love to see pictures of themselves that are done Right.

I drew this Simple Caricature based on a photo of a man I recently drew Very Exaggerated at a Party.

I feel like the exaggerated CARICATURE I drew at the Party is Real Art. My vision can only be mine, and it involves really interacting with what I see.

I feel like this new drawing that I made on Purple Paper today is a Craft. It's something satisfying that I know how to do.

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You can click on some pictures in this blog to see them larger.
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