Posted Dec 2009

Today's drive - it was the easiest ever. There was practically no traffic on the roads (Very unusual for going over the Throggs Neck Bridge). And the roads had been cleared perfectly.

Even shoveling my driveway was fine. It wasn't so cold. It was nice out there - felt like I was communing with the earth, gently scratching it's skin.

I worked at a First Night Celebration in a Library - It was nice and comfortable - Lighting and sound were plenty to my liking, I was interviewed on the Radio there (New Rochelle), and I felt very much appreciated by the polite guests.

Just goes to show once again that we don't have to be afraid to do what we've decided to do. I usually say that I learn how to live by creating the Drawings, but today I even learned how to live by doing the Work part of my job. We don't have to be Afraid! If we wouldn't have recognized it as a danger when we were babies, it's not a real danger. Fears can disappear like floating dust-clouds.

Most of the things that hold Adults back are completely unnecessary fears that dissipate as soon as we refuse to let them have any power over us, as soon as we refuse to let them affect us. Do what you think you should do to get what you want.

Best Wishes to us all in the New Year. I'm confident that I'll see a lot of growth in all areas of my Life.

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