to be continued ~ i hope

Posted Dec 2016

So much going on this season. So many Parties and Events.

At one afternoon Holiday Event, I was set up right next to Santa ~ and we Entertainers had time to play around before the event started. So I asked Santa if I could have a more Loving Heart. Something that I seriously wanted, but I didn't really take the Santa-Man seriously. And of course, right in character, he assured me that I could. He told me that I could get what i want for Christmas.

Okay, okay. The guests are coming in. Got to get to work. "Hello there. Yes ~ I would feel happy to draw you."

I Enjoyed drawing CARICATURES, as usual. And as usual, there's the request for 'just one more' when it's time for me to clear up and get to my next event. "Sure. I'd feel happy to draw just one more."

But I had to get to a Wedding. It had been snowing that morning, and I felt concerned about the possibility of having to clear off my car again. I felt concerned about slower driving in inclement weather. I feel like it's important to arrive at All Events on time, and I also feel like it's important to put Safety First while driving. So I drew the last CARICATURE very quickly.

Whoah. I was stopped in my tracks when I saw what I drew. It was The Answer to my Question -- about a more Loving Heart. A Happy open attitude of Love. with your eyes closed. By that I mean to just be happy with the people and events that come my way without looking at my learned insecurities, fears, jealousies, disappointments. Opening my Heart of Love, Welcoming, Hope ~ Like a Baby or a Puppy who is always excited to see people ~ does not remember previous disappointments or worrisome what-ifs ~ just open and responding directly to what is happening in that new moment.

I took a photo of the CARICATURE that I had given the Guest. So I was able to affect it in PhotoShop when I got home. I prepared it so it would fit as the Background of my Computer Desktop. I dulled it Brown so I could still see the Light Blue Folders and White Documents that I'm working with on my Desktop. Turned out to be a good reminder for me to get past my negatives. And the fact that I had to duplicate it to make it fit onto my screen also worked for me. Because I learned to close my eyes yet Again for the few times when I am disappointed even after I chose to override a tendency towards being closed or mean.

So far, it's Only had a good effect on my personal relationships. Perhaps there is a place for our negative emotions ~ sometimes they might be telling us stuff. But usually, they are just Ugly. And I have been feeling The Fruit of the Spirit when I have been able to break away from such ugliness. Love, Joy, Peace, Long-Suffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness, Temperence.....

I don't actually feel like I drew Exactly what I wanted. I didn't know that I was 'answering my question' when I was drawing it. I thought I was just making a quick-cac for the person who was sitting in front of me. So I plan on drawing it again. I hope I remember to draw it again.

I'm waiting for a month or so because

Oh ~ I feel so excited. My husband gave me extra money to buy a new IPad Pro as my Holiday Gift/Birthday Gift. It's a super big gift that has me all excited. I don't want to make any mistakes. I want my Computer-guy to help me figure out what to buy and how to set it up. But He's in Texas, and I'm in New York. I'm planning on seeing him before the end of January. And I know just what to try for my first drawing on my new IPad Pro. I want to perfect' what I want to say with this Love-CARICATURE. I hope I will make time to draw for myself.

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