Timing Digital Caricatures

Posted Apr 2019

Uhoh ~ I was going to draw one quick Digital Caricature tonight. I used the Template that's prepared for my upcoming Event, but of course I deleted the Customer's Logo before posting them here. Eekgads, 10 minutes into it, and unfinished. I was daydreaming.

So I got serious, well, tried to get myself into check, when I went to draw a 2nd Caricature. 6 minutes in, and I only had the linework done on the man with the big chin. I don't shy away from the difficult ones ~ because you can't control that at a Party. And I had used quite a bit of a predraw.

So I only used face/shape-size and one centerline for predraw on the 3rd Caricature? I think that's what I did. The man with the black beard. 6 minutes in, and this is all I was up to. Apparently I was playing around too much with the Procreate tools.

4th picture here ~ much better. 7 minutes. But I was still not done. I did Not use any predraw, so I got up to Some of the color.

Not good enough. I know I'm tempted to be floaty when I'm alone in my Studio after a long intense day, but I'd like to do it faster.

Dang ~ I cut back on playfulness in order to draw this 5th Digital Caricature fast. Took 7 minutes. Completed enough.

I have some ideas to increase my Speed that I hope will work the next time I have a chance to practice this. Leaving room for playfulness, aka Art

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