Through Rain or Snow or Sleet or Hail

Posted Dec 2009

There was a Blizzard in NY this weekend.

Snow lightly started as I left Wantagh to drive to Plainview (40th Surprise Birthday Party). But when I got back to my car at midnight, there was more than a foot of snow all around it! I borrowed my hostess's shovel, and I got to work - after drawing/entertianing for over four hours! Then, I couldn't figure out where the road ended and the sidewalk began as I drove home, getting caught in snowdrifts three times along the way. Finally got home, but I couldnt' get in to my driveway - or to the side of the street where a car could be parked. Until I shoveled for over an hour.

Then I woke 6:00 a.m. to be sure I'd have enough time to get to the Water club in Manahattan. I draw there at a Holiday Party every year. Driveway needed to be shoveled again, but I was lucky - my husband finished the whole thing while I got ready to go out. My choice was to arrive at my event early or late. I arrived early. Was asked to wait by the fireplace while they finished setting up the party room. It was cozy.

A Blizzard does not stop NY. Both parties were full and lively. My gracious hostess from Saturday night had offered for me to stay there overnight (but I had to get back of course). And my beautiful hostess on Sunday morning ----- the picture of class. You know you've arrived when you can wear a sleeveless silk dress in a blizzard. Here's a photo of her:

She works hard - carried in all those gifts for the guests herself. I'm proud to be a New Yorker. We don't let problems stop the world. We work hard, and we Handle them.

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