The Surprise Party that Surprised the Entertainer

Posted Jan 2010

Working in the industry, you can imagine that I go to a lot of Parties. Including a lot of Surprise Parties. But this one was a First. I was amazed. THE GUEST OF HONOR WAS IN THE HOUSE WHEN THE GUESTS AND I ARRIVED. HE WAS UPSTAIRS SLEEPING - BECAUSE HE HAD WORKED A LONG DAY. That simple. No need to take him out while we set up. Nothing like that. I think his kids had told him to come downstairs, or something like that. He just walked down the stairs of his own house and was surprised to see a houseful of Guests and Party Set-Up. I never saw anything like it.

It was a fun night. I was set up real comfortably in the Living Room. Plenty of Light. Such wonderful, happy people.....

Here are photos of some of the Caricatures that I drew:

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