The Skin Around the Eyes

Posted Nov 2016

I've been studying how to Caricature the skin around the eyes. Perhaps called the epicanthus?

Even though this man doesn't have huge eyes, I felt compelled to use his eyes for figuring it out. Because his eyes feel sooo compelling.

Here are my attempts. After my first attempt, I felt thrilled with my new awareness of how everyone's eyelids actually Cover the sides of the eyeballs ~in this case actually looking almost glued together for an extra 1/4 inch at each eye-corner........

and once i managed to channel my own exaggeration techniques, i came up with the 2nd picture. This feels like a turning point for me. A day to note. Not actually needed for drawing this man, but the start of a new tool in my brain-kit. For when I Want to use it.

After that, I applied my insights (hahaha ~ a funny punny) ~ I applied my insights to the 2nd man here. I feel like I was successful in using my new insight in my linework for a quick Party Caricature. Yes!

Event Entertainment for PARTY PLANNING Ideas in New York, Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County.....

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