The Finished Picture

Posted Jan 2013

Did you ever notice that the same picture looks different in different settings? That the same clothes look different when you get to the Party than when you're dressing at home? The same attitude looks different in your family's kitchen than at your friends' Party?

Studying my technique. I felt like I would be able to interpret it better if I saw it posted on my blog. Looks different than when I just look at the pictures here on the papers. I want to see if it's really better if I put in the extra steps.

I think it is. So it makes me wonder when clients tell me to cut back on details so they can get More More More papers. I, myself, would rather buy one picture that I'd want to hang up than buy three pictures that I just think are good ideas. Basically the same artwork, the same vision from the same artist. But the extra steps make the pictures better. And here I'm just dealing with black/white.

The first picture is my direct pass ~ just the Caricature. The second picture is the same picture with an Outline added. Better. The third picture is the same picture with the outline and then also a little bit of Shading. Even Better.

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You can click on some pictures in this blog to see them larger.
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