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Sean Connery

Posted 15 days ago

Sometimes when i draw Caricatures of Celebrities that i actually heard of, im trying to make sense out of my own life. My upbringing. the rivers of thoughts and ideas that pass from one generation to another, from one person to another, from the media into and through me. What does the image of Sean Connery mean? Does it develop healthy attitudes? Does it ruin a generation of boys and girls? What sort of impact will the current Germ-o-phobe Pandemic have on the new generation of children?

I started drawing Sean Connery Saturday night. Based on random photos from the internet. Got the most important part of his attitude. But it's late. I feel tired. I don't have to finish.

Finished it Sunday night hehe

Not for sale. I only sell pictures that I make based on things I really see. Or based on my own photos. or my clients own photos.

Follow Up: I was asked why the blue eyebrows. Here is my answer:

I did a beeline to the eyes in the photo that I was looking at. Frequently when i am drawing Caricatures, i am trying to figure out what sort of impact this stuff had had on me ~ like Sean Connery when i was growing up and his persona was supposed to represent Maleness. Yet a vague memory of his movies (i could be wrong) makes me feel..... Womanizer! (is that a word?). I imaged Blue Eyebrows sort of like 'true blue' because i felt as though he'd b trying to fool me into thinking that he can be trusted with his eyes. Blue. Sky. Peaceful. You-can-trust-me Eyes. Even though everything else is screaming Caution!Danger! He's also hiding a dangerous Explosion behind his back. And a Hypnotic 'Flower' to confuse a woman who is about to be burned by his cigarette

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