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Thanksgiving 2013

Posted Nov 2013

Hi ! I feel amazed that i am actually getting pictures of this year's Thanksgiving event posted so soon. It usually takes me weeks (or even longer) to get around to posting pictures. Chagrinned about that, but I actually feel fine about having so many jobs that i don't have time to post immediately after each one. Artwork and Parties are Happy Parts of Life.

This was an Upscale Parade-Viewing Party overlooking Columbus Circle in Manhattan. Starting at 8 am. That's 8:00 IN THE MORNING! I imagined that these people might not be ready for too much Wild Exaggerations so early, so I had pulled back on that. But the boy in the following picture was excited and running to the window to see his Favorite Balloon and just, well, happily animated. So I brought in just a little more exaggeration, and he was amazed. Kept coming back to let me know that he was extra thrilled with his picture. That's such a good age. Young teen boys are particularly looking for Fun

But here I was confronted with a different situation. The baby in the stroller was still sleeping. But the parents wanted the picture to include him with his eyes open. Ummm, how am I supposed to know what that would look like?? So the Father gave me a photo from his phone to work from. Quite a challenge for me ~ keeps my life interesting. Because I have to be 'in the Zone' to do my Artwork. And that's a different Zone for drawing Live than for drawing from photos. And in this case, I not only had to switch Zones, but I had to incorporate the Live Drawing Approach with the Introverted Photo Drawing Approach in the Same Picture! Oh meeting the guests' requests is exciting for me.

Some more people at this early morning Party:

Oh this woman made me laugh. Of course, I have to draw my own pictures. I have to draw what I see, what I notice. But in this case, the guest stepped up to me and said 'Well, I guess you notice that I am very pregnant. Maybe you can include that in the picture'. Oh, I had to laugh. I had to draw My experience of the moment. Made this skinny joke-type picture to describe my reaction to what the guest said. Because I only noticed that she was pregnant at all when she pointed it out to me. Not only was her pregnant shape minimal, but it was much lower than my 'line of vision'. I'm a bit tall, so I don't usually notice bellies that are 'way down there'. Primarily drawing Face-Only, I'm focused on the Face

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