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from Portrait to Caricature

Posted Mar 2019

I'm sorry! I planned on making a nice Pencil Portrait of this beautiful, smooth, normal-looking girl ~ a lovely girl that I Caricatured at a recent Party. But alone in my Studio, time off, I ended up playing around with the Shapes. The real girl isn't crazy. And she doesn't look crazy. But we can do these sorts of things when we're drawing pictures. Art is Play.

I'm thinking that the reason for doing our own linework/placements for 'Realistic' Pencil Portraits might be because we would see the needed 'exaggerations' when the linework doesn't look right. So it's a way to determine what makes the drawing look like this unique face.

I started this as a New Pencil Portrait. Using an excellent reference Photo from a recent Party ~ Where I Caricatured this lovely girl. Because it was still at 4,000 pixels ~ which makes a big difference when you want to see details.

And this time I decided to get the basic linework right before going in with the shading. Making Sure to Leave Out the Highlights because that's better than erasing i wish i was working in oil paint but i don't feel like taking That out. Anyway I gave myself 1/2 Hour to work on this Pencil Portrait. I didn't get far.

I made 3 Starts in that 1/2 Hour. (I tried to make them Darker in PhotoShop so I could post them here.) I loved the likeness in the first one, but it's too big. I feel like Portraits look grotesque if we make them too big ~ unless we're drastically Simplifying the shapes. So I did the linework a 2nd time. Still too big ~ because I approached it the same way. Quickly aborted that attempt, and did the linework a 3rd time. It's a better size, but the 'face' should be longer.

I used my eraser to adjust that.

Then I decided to Change my Approach. Simplify. I spent another 1/2 hour determining the placements ~ bouncing off the Basic Face Proportions of some mystical 'average' face. I didn't trace. I didn't grid. Because I wanted to Experience this for real. Which is why I got away from 'Portraiting'.

But I did print out the Reference Photo in B/W. 8 1/2 x 11.

This did two things. It made it more likely that I might draw Smaller (a little?) on my 11 x 17 paper. And it made it possible to determine my values using my own homemade value scale.

I know I started out to make a Portrait, but I couldn't stop noticing the upturn of the 'eye' that was in front of my left hand. So I decided to do this modeled Portraity Style of Caricature.

I tuned the renegade eye almost vertical. Then I decided to flip it over altogether. I made the lips curvier and wider, front teeth bigger. I carefully determined my lights and darks.

I looked at it. Decided that the lower part of the face got too narrow ~ making the 12 year old girl look too old. So before blending and developing, I widened it out.

Then I started the fun part of this process.

I spent another 1/2 hour blending it out and developing the shapes. Ooooh ~ I didn't want to stop. But I'm trying to get in the habit of sleeping at night. So I had to cut my drawing time short. Picture unfinished

The Next Next Afternoon:

Shouldn't I be working on my taxes?? But no. Here I am again. For 1/2 Hour. Because I saw this unfinished Caricature here.

Dagnabbit. Is 1/2 Hour up already?

I really Need to Do Nothing for 1/2 now before going to the Dentist. Maybe I'll bring this project along with me to the dentist.

ad then that Night:

at Starbucks ~ I choose to call this Caricature finished.

I liked drawing it, but I don't like looking at it. I'm wondering if perhaps this is Not the best approach for Caricatures (although I'd feel glad to do it again if anyone ever orders a Caricature to be drawn like a Pencil Portrait).

Wondering if I can lol Wondering if I can stick to Portraiting if I feel like doing this sort of drawing again

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I can't stop

Posted Oct 2017

Even when I'm not working, I'm likely to spend my time looking at people, playing with what they look like. Sometimes I'll just do it in my mind. But sometimes, I'll be in a situation in which I can get down my ideas.

I drew these Caricatures at a NY Starbucks ~ just patiently waiting for a chance to see other customers' faces. (They were busy with their own work.)

I see faces everywhere. In Starbucks, on line at the Supermarket, while my Friends and Family talk with me..... Even while watching tv ~ the faces never stop. I see them in the clouds, in the tree-branches, in the shadows

Event Entertainment for PARTY PLANNING Ideas in New York, Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County.....

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Time Off in Starbucks

Posted Mar 2015

Here's some #black/white linework #Caricatures that I made on my time off at #Starbucks. I was feeling so psyched to get to today's College event.

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You can click on some pictures in this blog to see them larger.
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Expanding Our Views about Love

Posted Jan 2014

When a client gives me a lot of instructions, it's sort of like working out a puzzle. This client, for instance, gave me some unusual instructions for his Marriage Proposal. I could feel that he was definitely excited, happy, full of Love for his Lady. But the things he wanted were not trite fill-in-the-blanks for Romance. I wanted to see his excitement from His point of view. Not tell him what he Should be wanting.

Before he flew in from England, he ordered his Proposal Caricature ~ planning on proposing at the Falconer Statue in Central Park. He gave me the following instructions for his Picture:

It's be be Fun. Romantic. Stand-out-ish. To resemble Them And NYC. Across the bottom, it's to say: their names New York City 27th December 2014 He's to be wearing Velvet Slippers (very important). No Socks. White Shirt. Bright Pink or Purple Sweater tied over his shoulders as in the reference photo. He wants them wearing what they normally wear. That would be sexy clothes for his Lady. Note her Eyebrows. AND AND he wants me to Include The Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building AND AND King Kong!

Whew ~ No short order. How to do this? How to do this? Should I show them in a Bubble? Clear and protected, with a dark smashing scary city around them? No. That's not the City he would be experiencing. They're flying in from England, and staying at a quite upscale hotel. Expecting a sparkling good time. Here's what I came up with:

based on these Reference Pictures:

But then, Oh. Change in plans. They will not be here for the Proposal afterall. Client asked if I could email him the picture. So he would get it printed up in UK in time to propose on NYE.

Took me a bit to figure out what he was talking about. UK ~ that's United Kingdom. And NYE ~ that's umm, maybe I'll look it up later. I photographed the Caricature, sent it to myself in an email, downloaded it onto my Desktop, and Imported it into PhotoShop from the Desktop. So I could crop the background of my Studio off the photo.....

But then, when I opened his email to 'Reply' with the picture, I realized Oh. NYE. That's New Year's Eve! Uhoh ~ I'd better contact him. Because he had had me write December 27 in Ink.

We decided that I could just make the change on the emailed version. By doing it in PhotoShop.

On my New Computer. I had been given a much needed new Computer for my Birthday. It's a sleek new Mac. Much different than the PC I had been using. At the time that I had to handle this client's change in plans, I wasn't yet completely comfortable with my MAC. At the bare hint of a touch, pictures became transparent and the windows combined with each other. I had to do my own 'on the job training', so to say.

I flipped around the options, and I found a place where I could change stuff. Hmmm, I'll change this, I'll change that, I'll set it up this way best...... Success ~ I can now keep the pictures in separate windows in PhotoShop on my Mac.

But now what. My activities must have affected the Computer's ability to import pictures from my Printer into PhotoShop. I had written 31 on a separate piece of paper, planning on Moving it into place on the Caricature, and just covering up the New York City part. But it did not pop up in PhotoShop when I 'Import Picture from Device'. And it didn't show up in Documents, Downloads, or Desktop either.

I spent Hours trying to figure out how to Import Pictures from my Printer (Scanner). My client expects the picture to be emailed right away. It was finished on time. All I had to do was email it to him. What to do ~ What to do for my heart-filled Client ~

Aha! I hadn't yet done much with PhotoShop on my new Mac yet. But I quickly figured out how to add Text and affect it. Here's what I finally came up with:

It has a different 'flavour', but it was extra work that I was doing. Not part of our official Agreement. I figured out how to Import the Pictures later ~ on my own time. For now, this represents the experience. And isn't that what Art is supposed to do anyway?

Done. But then I had no job for December 27, 2014. A very busy time of year, but I had previously turned down a Couple of requests because I was committed to the arrangements I had made to handle this Studio Caricature in person. So, kinda time off. I ended up sitting in Starbucks with my IPad and my Client's reference pictures. I decided to Surprise him with a free Bonus picture. To help him deal with his feelings about his Girlfriend's changed plans. And to perfect' my Party Style Digital Caricatures at the same time.

I worked in Layers. First Layer was an Underdrawing:

On top of that, I did the Linework:

Here it is when I deleted the Layer with the Underdrawing:

Then I put in the home-colors:

I liked that. It's my style. I might even prefer it at this point ~ before the shading and the highlights and the extra playing. Easy on the eyes. Peaceful. But the following picture does make more of a Statement about the situation. So I felt happy to send it to my Client. An Engagement Gift from his Artist in NY.

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