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Senator Jerry Stevenson

Posted Nov 2014

I just came back from an Event in Reno ~ I flew Coach as usual. Squashed next to my fellow passengers, if you know what I mean. So I felt surprised that it was a U.S. Senator! And his wife. Senator Jerry Stevenson and his wife Susan from Utah.

I found myself in the unique position of having a Senator's ear for hours ~ not that we spoke the whole time of course. They were both quite cordial.

So much to do getting home at the moment ~ I have to sort through my own event's ideas as well as get back into the swing of all the new events that I have to be ready for. But I'm posting about this meeting sort of like bookmarking my experience ~ hoping I'll remember to post the Caricature that I subsequently drew of Republican Senator from Utah.

BTW, we spoke quite candidly ~ of both personal situations And public situations. It was quite an experience to see how clearly a person can speak about political positions when he is the person whose opinion can really make a difference. Felt different than hearing a private citizen's opinions.

For example, we discussed Obamacare ~ he Thought it was good, but he said it needs a bit of 'tweaking'. And we discussed the situation for watering crops in Utah ~ he said that water conservation is a good thing, but re-using water over and over is way too much. He swung so comfortably from our chitchat about our trips and our businesses into major political questions. Candid and unedited.

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