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Fashion Sketches for Prom

Posted May 2008

Fashion Sketches for Prom. Sweet 16. Corporate Event. Fashion Sketches for After-Prom. Store Event. Wedding. I feel so appreciated when I am drawing Fashion Sketches. The people are so pleasantly surprised. A new type of Party Activity which really focuses on the people at the Party. They got all dressed up. They want their Fashions to be noticed.

Here are 3 practice pieces that I just drew at the Airport. Getting ready because I'll be running to a Prom job as soon as I get back from this trip. Straight from the airport!

And here are some Samples that I drew a while back - when I designed this style:

And here are the original sketches from a long time ago when I was feeling my way for what would I draw for Fashion Sketches at an Event. It turned out to be such a good idea.

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