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Looking Good

Posted Oct 2012

I found the photos of the Set-Up. Feels like a good idea to explain about the Set-Up for people who are designing their Parties.

If it's at all possible, it's a good idea to leave plenty of room for the Caricature Entertainment. I can work in as little space as you want, but it's much more Entertaining if it's displayed right. If we don't hide the activity in a closet. And I imagine you've hired an Entertainer because you want it to be noticed ~ Right?

I had arrived plenty early for this particular Party. And the staff was most accommodating. I was given plenty of space, and I was allowed to move tables and chairs around as much as I wanted. Look at how nicely I was able to situate the Guest's chair centered between the flowers. I liked the 5-chair set-up at that time, and the chairs were just the right type. Straight-backed for comfort which would also keep the Guests upright, not slumping. And there was just the right amount of space between me and the Guest, my perfect vision-distance.

I was able to set up the other chairs to hold my supplies and lights as comfortably as a piano (You wouldn't expect a musician to be able to play well if middle-C was in a different place each time s/he sat down ~ It's the same for a Party Artist ~ I like to set up my supplies orderly).

And there was plenty of room to walk around my set-up to get to the Guest-chair. It doesn't feel gracious if the Guests have no room to walk gracefully. So your Party would feel much more Upscale if there's enough space to move around.

But, lol, it's just about impossible to design my Life to be perfect. If we waited for everything to be Perfect, we'd never get anything done. We all have to make things work in the real world. What's troubling about this design. Can any of you tell?

Answer: The Guest will be Backlit. An Artist would know about that. What it means is that the face of the person I'll be looking at will be completely in Shadow. I won't be able to see the features this way. Oh. You might as well tie my hands behind my back and tell me to Draw.

But I didn't have any choice. This was where I was told to set up. And the whole Party room was like this anyway. I certainly wanted to be In the Party, and the venue used natural lighting quite tastefully. So what to do? What to do?

Luckily, I'm an Experienced Party Artist. I feel like I've encountered every sort of situation already. And that's why I knew to bring my lights even though this was a daytime event.

What I did was to use my lights. By shining a light onto the Front of the face, I was able to overcome the Backlighting. Problem solved. We were all very happy in this beautiful Party space. The Guests felt classy. And I was glad that it was possible for me to do a good job.

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