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Anything can be Caricatured

Posted Dec 2013

Not just faces. At this event for a Liquor Store, my client asked me to draw the outside of the Store. So there I was, set up in a Parking Lot, and coming up with this design.

It was okay out there ~ very little traffic :-) But it started to get cold. So I came home after the event to see that one of my initial idea had been forgotten. Because I started hurrying to get back inside the warm store to draw the people. I planned on using the 'notice me' trick of putting red in the center of the picture. By coloring the awning the red/white/blue brighter than it really was. Oh. Yellow/green has a good feel to it, but I had planned on that red/white/blue. So I added it here if PhotoShop. Just to see. And yes ~ it is better.

Anyway, my client did like the yellow/green picture just fine. Later during the event, he asked me to draw the inside of the place ~ where he had his 'Party' set up. I managed to include him in my design. Like the maestro conducting the event. So much more is said in a Real Caricature than in a Photographic Representation of a scene.

Real Art is made by People who are Alive.

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