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I'm a Professional

Posted Sep 2010

I have been drawing Caricatures at Parties since the last century! You'd think that people would respect that I know what I'm doing.

But there I was - a Corporate event in NYC - and the manager of the venue wouldn't give me enough chairs, preferred if I used His stick-on halogen lights instead of plugging in the ones I brought..... as though I hadn't tried to come up with a simpler, easier-to-carry solution myself.

So there I was, papers on the couch behind me, trying his lighting ideas. I liked that he suggested putting one of the lights near the subject, and the other light near me. I was hopeful - like, maybe I'd learn something new, something better.

But no. I've tried to come up with something easier to carry. I've tried the halogens which has light that doesn't travel. And there I was, trying to entertain with my drawing while I couldn't see much at all. And his stick-on lights kept falling off the wall and getting lost. Like, it's entertaining to watch me look around for the light??? Why would he try to change my show just before I'm to go on??? I had done my homework already. I had carried the right supplies through the 90-degree weather through NYC. But I try to accommodate people - but sometimes they think that they can do my job better than I can - even though they've never even done it once.

Finally, when a dark-skinned person sat down, I said this is ridiculous. I took out my own lights and continued the event. Apparently, the manger didn't mind anymore. Because I had already proven myself to be a central part of the entertainment.

Here's a picture of the pivotal point - the man who couldn't really be seen. As well as some of the pictures that I drew After setting up my own lights:

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