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Party Fun

Posted Sep 2013

This girl had so much fun at her Party. You can just see it in her Caricature. You can just see it in her dress. You could have just heard it if you heard her talking. At her party, she handled a 'Trivia' time herself. Sitting up straight in front of her friends, calling on people -- "Who knows my favorite movie?" "Yes" "Who knows my favorite song?" "Yes" Who knows my favorite tv show? "No" "No" "Okay, can you do it?" "No" Lol ~ they finally got it. And more important than what she says is her favorite anything, is how she handled her peers. These kids really impress me. They really shine at these parties. Makes me wonder about how I would have handled things back when I was their age.

I imagine I would have been different than this girl. Not quite as confident. Not as much 'in command'. But I would have been adorable just the same. I imagine I would have felt giddy and flushed. I imagine I would have burst out laughing with joy. It's all good. We're all different, but it's all good.

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