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Putting One Foot in Front of the Other

Posted Apr 2015

Today I was hired to draw all the Children ~ only draw Adults if there's time at the end of the 2-year-old's Party.

4:29pm - Me, as a woman sits into the seat: "I'm only going to be here until 4:30. This is going to last one."

Woman: "Oh ~ Then you can come into the picture with me, Honey."

Me: "I meant I could only draw one more Person. There are other activities planned for you at 4:30.

Woman: "But oh we just got married" My Client: "I don't understand. They are newleyweds." Me, can't think anymore. I guess I should eat some lunch already: "Oh, I see. But you are going to be drawn together as one."

They all liked the picture I drew. Everybody was happy.

But when I got to Starbucks, I used the reference photo to try an IPad Caricature again. Today I figured out how to choose whether I want to affect one layer at a time or more-than-one layer at a time.

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