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It's Hard to See in the Dark

Posted Sep 2009

Don't say that my life is just one big happy Party. Just because I have to good fortune to work at Parties - where people are usually upbeat. We all Enjoyed, but this was a difficult event to work.

Not only was it very dark, but I also felt like it was too Wild. I know that a lot of people like that - that the reason they go to Parties is for a chance to let loose, a chance to be wild. I understand because I like to do that too. But not too often. And I'm not a guest. So I have to stay level-headed. I try to tap in to some beautiful music in my brain to keep me calm. Some of my favorite songs these days are:

Unchained Melody (I've been listening to a version by Love Potions Instrumentals on the way to my gigs)

Siren Song by Sarah Moon (my all-time Favorite!)

Dream a Little Dream of Me by Mama Cass

I Still Feel Love by Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks

So there I was. Drawing in the dark. Loud music. Excited people. It's not just going to Parties. For me, I'm going to Work.

And I was glad to be there. At my job. Where I had to carry my Supplies through some sort of a Fun-House entrance, and set up surrounded by 'interesting' stuff. I like to draw Fashion Sketches. Where the people are:

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