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Nine Years Ago

Posted Nov 2014

I love my customers. I love my repeat clients. So many interesting people that I can meet in the world.

Here are some pictures taken after I did Face Painting at an 8-year old girl's Party. For a Client who has been hiring me once or twice every year since I met her back when she was first Pregnant with the beautiful girl who just turned 8. Sometimes Caricatures, Sometimes Face Painting.

After the girls were all painted, my client let me walk around her beautiful home so she could show me the Caricatures that were hanging in her husband's office. I had drawn them at her Big Family Reunion when she was Pregnant with the girl who had just turned 8. That was Nine Years Ago.

And here she is today. Standing next to her Caricature from nine years ago. I can still see her resemblance, even though she changed some things like her hairstyle and glasses.

I feel happy to see that my Artwork can become a solid part of people's lives. And I feel blown away when I see it hanging in a home that includes some of the best Artists ever. It felt rude to just keep snapping photos of Everything in the woman's home, so I only asked to photograph this one Keith Haring picture which was just too magnetic for me. It looks like just the right thing to see while we run around all day handling so many different things:

What we see affects how we interpret our situations.

And here are some of the Face Paintings that I did at this 8-year-old Girl's Birthday Party. She arranged for a 'My Little Pony' Theme.

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You can click on some pictures in this blog to see them larger.
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