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The Law

Posted Oct 2013

Here's a clear example of how a Professional Artist might seem involved in agendas that she's not personally involved with. Here's a small preview of an intense Commission to draw a Coloring Book for a client who did seem to have a Political Agenda. I guess.

I don't have time to decide on the veracity of his agenda any more than I have the ability to ascertain whether a Guest of Honor is worthy of honor at my Party Gigs ~ Where I try to draw the Guest of Honor (and all the other guests) in a Positive Light. Because that's what I'm paid for.

I just showed a few of the pages here ~ because my client wants to sell the Coloring Books. And I smashed the word "Copyrighted" over each picture here because my Client plans on selling them. There are lots of other places drawn ~ like Tennessee, Washington DC, South Dakota, Las Vegas and more......I guess you'd have to buy the Coloring Book from Darrell Banks if you want to see them.

I'm a Professional Artist. I draw what my clients want drawn.

Note: I did not design the Character. I did not write the Story. I just followed my Client's instructions. I did have to make his wildly detailed ideas all come together into a 'readable' picture.

My own idea about Coloring Books is that they should have very little on each page ~ so people could add their own Artwork with Crayons. I would not have chosen so much details ~ but that does seem to be what most clients do. They get excited and dream up more and more stuff for me to include in the pictures. As though more is better. Still, this Adult Coloring Book worked great ~ I couldn't wait to get to Coloring it. Colored Pencils worked best. Or Coloring on the IPad.

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