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Developing that Black/White Style

Posted Jan 2010

Still pretty Quick, but I was really enjoying practicing that Black/White stuff that so many people have been requesting recently. I guess it's difficult economic times or something, but so many people have been asking more about 'how many can we squeeze in per hour' than about 'how much Fun can we have at the Party' - So many people have become focused on 'What Things Can I Get?' - instead of 'Let's take time off to Hang Loose, to Have Fun'.

So, in trying to accommodate them, I've been doing a lot of Black/White Parties. Obviously, it takes less time to draw a face than it takes to both draw a face And color a face. Still, even if the customer asks me to just get a paper to as many people as possible, I want to Enjoy the Art. I want to See and Experience each person. Here I was practicing to Both See well And draw quickly at the same time. The first three needed a predraw. But the last two were drawn directly with the marker:

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