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Getting the Family Together for a Party

Posted Dec 2013

Such Fun pictures. Look at how much healthy Fun these people were having with their Caricatures. My pictures sure perked up the atmosphere after we all arrived during in a heavy snowstorm. This was what I drew at the Party described in the previous post where the birthday mother had created a magnificent Winter Wonderland for her daughter.

Some of the pictures just show what I saw and what I drew. But I was lucky to be able to snap a few photos of the animated reactions the people showed After I drew what I saw. People loosening up. I coined the phrase, Being Party. People being party.

BTW ~ Here's a note that my Client sent me after the Party: Quote "Hi Alison! I wanted to thank you for the magnificent job you did at 'girl's name' Birthday party! You were the hit of the party. I'm so glad we were able to have you join us. Thanks Again" Unquote

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