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You Are Special to Me

Posted Mar 2011

Oh to feel special. To have someone care. So often I see how regular people are considered so special - how they have others caring about them, fawning over them, loving them. It seems so simple, yet it's so special. To get that. I see it all the time because I work at Parties. Where people are invited. For the good things in life.

Sometimes I feel remorseful - In my personal life, I do have people to love. But it's not always smooth sailing. Or we're not always intensely demonstrative. So being in these situations, seeing people's personal relationships, sometimes at quite important milestones, caring for each other - If it's one of those times when I'm not personally 'walking on sunshine', well....

BTW, the clients and guests that I draw are usually quite kind, appreciative, and caring for me too. But it's different of course, since I only know them for a few minutes, a few hours at a time. Working with nice people, while quite valuable, isn't the same as a personal relationship.

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