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The Weather

Posted Nov 2011

Oh ~ You never know what to expect. Got to be ready for every contingency. Keep the world running smoothly for the Children. I've handled Parties whether the weather was good or bad, freezing or melting-hot. I leave plenty of time to travel. And I've had enough experience to know how to adapt my Supplies if necessary. After last Saturday's snow-storm, I was happy to remember this Recent outdoor event at a local school ~ It had been a lovely warm day

Last Saturday, October 29, 2011, I had an event up in Mount Kisco, NY. I planned on getting there by 5:30 pm because I was supposed to draw a big event for a big agent starting 6:30 pm.

Last minute job, so I was up til 4:30 a.m. putting the papers into the mats, getting travel directions, stuff like that. So when to sleep, when to rest? I slept for a few hours, but left Wantagh at 12:30 that afternoon. Since mapquest said it would take less than 1 1/2 hours travel time, I figured I would have time to sleep in the car just before going in - so I'd be both rested And sure to be there on time.

But it Snowed. Big. After handling Hutchinson River Parkway Traffic (if you know what I mean), it was sloooow-going. When I got near Pleasantville, the highway was even Closed. My gps routed me onto a little highway that had one lane going in each direction. Winding road. Little hills. And

Traffic. Including one point where we all just put our cars into park. Waiting. Waiting. Still awake. Only 10 minutes away from where I had to go, still stuck in my car, I had to stay awake on the road with my car. Apparently, cars kept skidding as they tried to get up a hill. Including a Penske Truck. People were trying to move it. I was the 2nd car in line that was asked to Just Wait. Just being glad that we weren't having accidents......

Traffic finally moved when some cars from way behind, who didn't know what was happening, had the nerve to swing into the opposing-traffic-lane, drive up to our hard workers, and insist, like say, hey, what .... Now they let us through when there was a little space to maneuver by.

Okay. Still time before my Scheduled Drawing Time at the Party. Driving carefully. In the snow. I still think I'll get a Little time to rest. But

But 2 miles from the venue, a yellow ribbon tied across the entrance to a deep snowy road. I have a Lot of heavy supplies to bring. Including lights, and easel, and Lots of Paper. In Mats..... I'm wearing Shoes - not boots. It's still October. In New York. Who would have expected such a Snow Storm in October??

My gps reroutes me to get back onto that closed parkway. It worked. It was right beyond the closure that had rerouted me so long ago. Gps brings me passed the venue and back down the other side. And I'm there! Actually in the Grand Prix parking lot at 5:25 pm. Not my favorite timeing, but still acceptable. Still on time for 5:30 arrival. And maybe I'd rather Stand at the easel than rest, anyway. I'd been sitting in the car for Five Hours!

Oh what a day. Back at the Computer now ~ back in my Studio, and I see photos taken at a recent outdoor sunny weather event for a local school.....

AND I have a brand new shovel for the winter too! I had bought one at a CVS that I passed when I was rerouted to come back down to the venue. Figured that I'd need it if I might have to dig my car out of the parking lot after the event. So now I'm ready for the winter. Bring it on ~ Let's Party!

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