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Digital Artwork

Posted Aug 2013

I enjoy using the new Art Supplies. Any one Studio picture can flip between IPad's ArtStudio, Computer's PhotoShop, Paper with Markers and Colorsticks, The Lightbox..... And I still use Pencils with Erasers. Different Supplies are best for handling different aspects of the Artwork.

For instance, I prefer using PhotoShop for Warping Text, but I prefer using IPad for Coloring. So I have to send a picture back and forth. I discovered that it's easy to Export the picture directly from the IPad ~ there's a dropdown menu for 'Export by email'. But I have to save the picture to my Desktop and then pick it up from the Desktop if I want to email it from PhotoShop. Extra fussy-steps.

So I wrote a note to myself about that. And I chose to keep the note because I want to remember how easily I made the Camophlage-style background when I wrote that note.

The Artist has new toys.

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