Learning from the Boy Scouts

March 27th, 2009

Constant learning. This is why it’s better to hire an
EXPERIENCED Caricaturist.

I’ll frequently Review my performance after an event.
The photos help me do that.

In this case, even if I had had more time to prepare for my last-minute job,
I wouldn’t have known that I would have preferred making the Uniforms
more uniform. I didn’t know that until after I experienced the event.
Well, now I’m ready for the next one. Almost. I still hope to tweak the uniforms,
but I don’t want to stay up ALL night just reviewing what I’ve done already.

It was Fun - to redraw some of those Boy Scouts from the photos that
I just posted. Even though I was trying to come up with a Uniform uniform,
I still had to redraw the Caricatures.

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Boy Scouts

March 26th, 2009

Here are some of the Boy Scouts that I drew recently.
Had to go real fast - so Outline Only was requested.
They’re okay. But I think the Artwork comes out better
if I’m not rushed to Produce Produce Produce. Well, at least the kids had Fun:

To Hire this Artist:
(516) 579-4706

Last Minute

March 20th, 2009

Yeow. Client just came to the Studio.
Brought me a deposit for

So much to prepare.
And she wants me to draw Outline-Only -
because she wants to get as many pictures
as possible in the given time.

I don’t usually do Outline-Only -
It feels more like
cranking them out
than doing Artwork.
But it is an Option I offer.

So now - get ready to draw a lot of Boy Scouts.
First I wanted to see what would happen if I choose a Yellow Outline -
If Golden-Boy sits in front of me:

Good thing I practice first. I can see that
that isn’t a good idea. I had to increase the time on that picture
by going back in with the black marker. The Yellow didn’t show up.

Okay. I hope I stick to Black Outlines. Or Blue. Or Orange…..

But what if someone sits down who has dark skin -
Here I’ll try one in which I add just a little bit of Shading.
Sometimes, you just can’t stop with Just the outline:

We’re Off!