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what could they be thinking??

Posted May 2013

Well, I guess they were just in
Party Mode. A Happy Wild Bar Mitzvah Party.

This was a very unusual one. I was hired to draw at a man's 60's Birthday Party. But they had decided to do it as a recreation of his Bar Mitzvah ~ from when he was 13 years old. So there we were ~ with a bunch of 60 year olds trying to remember how they felt (and acted ~ yeow) when they were 13 years old. Okay.

I'm just there to help. Just Entertainment. But why why did they position me in front of the bathroom door, next to the loud musician, in a dark room with a RedRed light which couldn't even be toned down with the lights that I brought along. I'm not in charge. I go where they tell me to go.

Caricatures. Aces. It's amazing. But photos? They didn't come out so well under those conditions. I'm not set up to take but the simplest of photos. Just a quick photo from my iphone. Here are the ones that I managed to make usable by changing the lighting in PhotoShop.

People constantly walked between me and my easel to go to the Bathroom! Egads. Red light affecting the faces that I tried to see in the Dark. Couldn't communicate with the guests over the loud music. But I drew. We had a Blast! The Guests and I would have felt more comfortable if I wasn't right in front of the Bathroom door. I would have done a lot of things differently. What could this venue have been thinking??

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