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Staying in Shape

Posted Jan 2019

This is a great Caricature. I know what I'm doing.

But the agony to keep on top of it ~ to stay in shape ~ to keep the energy in my Artwork. I'm writing this post to show you what goes on behind the scenes. The sort of stuff I do Before I get to yet another Party, and still be thrilled to be drawing there. I keep my interest alive by Enjoying Artwork all the time ~ Feels like I never run out of new ideas.

Tonight I got the idea to work intermittently with the Marker or the Color Stick. Instead of what is usually done in which we draw the Outline with the Marker, and Then we go back into it with the Color Stick. I thought I would be able to affect the Emphasis this way.

But as usual, when I'm studying One Aspect of Drawing, One Idea, something else drops. Struggle, struggle, struggle, ooooooo ~ Then I was able to Let Go. And Enjoy Drawing ~ regardless of whether I felt like using Marker or Color Stick. Nothing boring here

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