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It's Amazing that Anyone can Draw a Good Caricature

Posted Sep 2017

I took these photos while practicing FACEPAINTING for an Upcoming Nickelodeon Event. I'm only supposed to paint Spongebob and Spongebob Characters. Intrigued by the various emotions that the same UNCHANGING Face portrayed. The exact same FACE PAINTING in each photo. I only painted it Once here. By the slightest angle of the head/neck, the different angle of the camera, and the movement of the eyeBalls. Only. That's all that changed in these photos.

Seeing that such Slight changes can make such a difference in the perceived emotion, I felt amazed that I can draw such good CARICATURES. Where Everything moves and changes. Mouth-moements, Eye-openings, movement of Cheeks, furrowed Foreheads, Wrinkles, Winking, Squinting.....

It's like making a baby. If we had to think about the details of every body part that a baby needs, we would probably miss a Lot. Creation ~ it's out of our hands. An Artist has to be 'inspired'.

You can see my Regular FACE PAINTINGS at facepaintingexpress.blogspot.com

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