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Special Needs Prom

Posted Feb 2019

I don't see why a Special Needs Prom would be any different than anybody else's Prom. But that's how my upcoming job was described to me: to draw Caricatures at a Special Needs Prom.

People are people. And all I'm doing is drawing them. But in choosing what to draw for my Pre-Gig focus, I Googled "Special Needs Prom".

Obviously, the Feather has nothing to do with Special Needs ~ but that's where my experience took me. I noticed that I spent way too much time on the 'Feather'.

So I gave attention to the 'Feather' situation here ~ I had approached it with a Quick hint at what I used to draw for Ornamental Calligraphy. So now I learned how to Simplify ~ Cartoonify a Feather. Drew a better Party Caricature approach for Feathers.

Then I decided to Simplify the Caricatures altogether. To up my Speed:

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