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Posted Apr 2019

I ate dinner at Whole Foods today. Time Off. Just me and my IPad. First I watched my Disney app. Then I turned my attention to that upcoming Digital Caricature Event again. I used the Template that I made last night. The one with all the Layers set to Multiply. It felt Perfect.

I really Enjoyed playing around with this Exaggerated Caricature. But I spent way too much time on it ~ I won't be able to spend this much time on anything I draw at the Party.

So I drew from the Same Reference Photo again ~ a Simpler Caricature. It only took about 6 minutes. I got my game down pat.

I did draw it After spending a lot of time drawing it more Exaggerated, so you could say that that 6 minute timing is inaccurate ~ I already knew the answers. But I feel confident with it. Because I previously experienced that in the imperfect drawing environment of a Party, my Digital Caricatures start feeling so easy ~ and simple ~ as the experience affects me. So I do end up drawing faster than I would if I was playing around with it like I can on my Time Off.

I used the Template that I prepared last night ~ the one with all Layers set as 'Multiply'.

I usually feel like a Client is too full of himself if he can't handle an exaggerated Caricature. But sometimes, like in this case, I'm wondering if this Artist is too full of herself in thinking that her own great creativity is better than just doing it right. It's something else with which I never settle on an Answer. Because there is No Answer. It's all about being in the moment. Doing what works in the moment in terms of Fun and Humility and Ability.

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