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Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Party

Posted Jan 2019

Just by adding a Professional Party Artist to the mix ~ you've not only given your Guests something Unique, but you've also given them a 'Conversation Starter' aaaannnnd a boost that will encourage them to 'Remember Your Celebration even After they leave the Party. Sometimes even Years After your Party. Each Party is Unique ~ The type of Experience you offer Your Guests depends on which Images you offer. Just like you can choose a Pizza Party Or an Elegant Dinner Party, you can also choose Fun CARICATURES Or Insightful CALLIGRAPHY/GRAFFITI WORDS/NAMES, etc. It's more internalized by the Guests when the Party Image becomes part of their own image. They can feel like an integral part of the Party that You Designed.




TEMPORARY FREEHAND TATTOOS (including Freehand Glitter Tattoos)




CARICATURES and DIGITAL CARICATURES and FASHION SKETCHES and CALLIGRAPHY/GRAFFITI WORDS/NAMES all go home with Your Guests as Party Favors. They are frequently hung on the Wall in your Friends' Homes. Your Guests will probably remember ~ for as long as the picture is part of their Every-Day awareness ~ what they were Celebrating when they got it. And when you hire your Party Art, you can even order a logo to be included for a small extra charge. That's something like:

had fun at
(Name)'s Party

(Name)'s Birthday Party

fine art from
(Name)'s Party

Here are some Samples of Alison's CARICATURES:

Here are some Samples of Alison's DIGITAL CARICATURES:

Here are some Samples of Alison's FASHION SKETCHES:

Here are some Samples of Alison's CALLIGRAPHY/GRAFFITI WORDS/NAMES:

The BALLOONS ~ so much a part of a Party ~ well, they don't last as long. But when they're created On the Spot ~ During the Party ~ it's so much more interactive than just putting up a few BALLOONS. When the BALLOONS are created right At the Party, the Guests will feel like they're more than just decorations. Your Guests will feel like they are holding Party in their hands. And afterwards ~ we are intrigued to ask people where they've been if we see them walking home with the Party Balloons. Which, well, they only last as long as they will last. Here are some Samples of Alison's BALLOONS:

FACE PAINTING ~ Oh so Special when it's done right. You Guests can feel oh so Special when they're 'transformed' with the Power of their own images. Which can last all day (or until they decide to wash them off ~ Alison's FACE PAINTING washes off easily with soap and water). Here are some Samples of Alison's FACE PAINTINGS:

TEMPORARY FREEHAND TATTOOS (including Freehand Digital Tattoos) ~ Oh ~ you can't imagine how Glamorous and Special you can feel with one of these magnificent decorations until you've had a Real one done. They rest on the Surface of the skin, and can last about a week ~ lingering joy from Your Event every time your Guests notice their very own TEMPORARY FREEHAND TATTOOS. An experience they're not likely to have any other time. Alison's TEMPORARY FREEHAND TATTOOS look great while they're At the Party. And Your Guests can be blown away by the Wow when they see them the next day Out in the Sun! Your Party is the Special One. Here are some Samples of Alison's TEMPORARY FREEHAND TATTOOS:

That's Seven Different Choices you have to design Your Party. Let Your Choice Define Your Party. Let Your Choice of which Type of Party Art add the Character that you're hoping of for Your Party.

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